About us

Our beginnings. 

Our quest started with a question: how can be become better? How can we have a healthier body and a sharper mind? How can we push the limits on what the physical allows and what the mind creates? Some things are in our control: physical exercise, healthy diet, positive thinking; but some things are beyond our control such as our genetic makeup and the environment we live in.

One area we can control is proper dietary supplementation. We now know that our food sources do not provide all the necessary nutrients for optimal health. Through supplementation, we can ensure our bodies get what they need to function at or above their baseline: we can have a healthier cardiovascular system, superior joint articulations, more energy, better quality sleep, sharpened focus, increased endurance.

So here we are now. A nutraceutical company focused on creating the best and most effective supplements to enhance our well being and promote human flourishing.

Our purpose.

Our purpose is to advance the boundaries of human health by optimizing physical and cognitive performance. We are committed to developing the highest quality dietary supplements and delivering excellence by using only the purest and safest ingredients available.

Our ambition is to set the standard in nutritional science research and to advance scientific progress. Our rigorous approach to ingredient and formula validation ensures only the right formulations make it to market. Our multidisciplinary team constantly reviews medical research to formulate new products.

As pioneers, our strategy is to pursue innovation. This is what shapes our company and defines our purpose.

Our future.

We are experiencing unprecedented times: never before have we been able to understand and control the laws of biology, physics and chemistry the way we do today, yet more humans are suffering from cardiovascular disease and cancer than ever before. We are more obese, more sedentary, more depressed than any generation that has lived before us, even though we harness more technological power than our previous generations knew existed.

Our goal is to change this, and to contribute to human flourishing by starting with what we can control: delivering the right supplementation to fill our dietary gaps and elevate our baseline.

To do so, we have determined three strategic ambitions to focus on in the next year:

  • Deliver our supplements to 1,000,000 people 
  • Inspire 10 million people to live healthier lives
  • Strive for zero environmental impact in our operations